George Conway: Trump’s criminal misconduct is far worse than Nixon’s


Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway struck again on Tuesday, this time making a slam-dunk case for why President Donald Trump’s criminal misconduct is even worse than anything former President Richard Nixon did during Watergate.

The Mueller report not only documents at least ten instances of Trump committing obstruction of justice to protect himself, those same instances detail Trump’s effort to sabotage a legitimate federal investigation into Russia’s attack on our democratic process in 2016, which makes Trump’s misconduct even more sinister because Nixon’s misconduct, as Conway explained in an op-ed calling on Congress to impeach, Watergate was a clumsy domestic burglary while Russian hacking is an attack on our country by a foreign power, as scholar Philip Bobbit explained in own response defending impeachment.

Conway concurred with Bobbit’s analysis and went on to explain why.

Conway then pointed out that impeachment is more than being about whether a president committed a crime.

House Democrats have a responsibility to impeach Trump. Failing to do so lets him get away with his crimes and sends a message to every future president that they, too, can commit crimes in office without consequence. Like Conway said, this should be an easy call to make. And if Democrats won’t do it, they are just as guilty of not standing up to Trump as the Republicans.

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