George Conway unlocks the riddle of Trump’s ignorance


Could President Donald Trump’s lack of intelligence be the result of un-diagnosed dyslexia? Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway certainly thinks it’s an explanation.

Dyslexia, a learning disability that particularly affects reading, is usually diagnosed when people are young, and catching it early helps those with dyslexia learn in school and continue learning for the rest of their lives. Most go on to lead productive lives and some become medical professionals like Dr. David Reiss.

Reiss responded to a Twitter post by conservative Philippe Reines, who lamented that Trump is “getting away with everything.”

He called for Congressional action in response, but his reply included typos that he didn’t catch but soon explained and apologized for because he is dyslexic. He then posited that Trump himself might be dyslexic.

Conway, who has spent considerable time trying to make the case that Trump is psychologically unfit for the office he holds, added his own thoughts to the conversation.

Conway then responded to Reines, who wondered if dyslexia would explain Trump’s inability to process information, which often results in advisers and officials using pictures to explain things to him. Furthermore, Trump’s constant lying over the years has damaged his brain.

Conway concluded that Trump has gotten away with lying for so long that he can make anything up so that he doesn’t have to learn anything.

Unfortunately, not learning anything puts our nation in peril because a president must read large volumes of information, such as casualty assessments that would inform him or her about whether or not to order an airstrike against another nation such as Iran. Trump recently ordered such a strike against Iran before canceling at the last minute. He claimed that he canceled because he had just been told about how many Iranians would be killed in the strike by his generals. But it sounds more likely that Trump simply did not bother to read the casualty assessment that the Pentagon and intelligence community had provided to him, as national security expert Sam Vinograd explained after the incident.

People with learning disabilities are not stupid, but someone who chooses to tell lies instead of addressing their disability and then puts the world at risk, as a result, is painfully stupid and should not be in charge of anything, much less the military.

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