Giuliani Blames His Social Media Typo On ‘Cardcarrying Anti-Trumpers’ At Twitter


Rudy Giuliani, who serves as an attorney and spin doctor for President Donald Trump, really needs to learn how to use Twitter, because he’s making himself look like an even bigger fool than we ever imagined he was.

Just last week, there was this still unexplained posting from the former New York City mayor:

And then he let loose with this about Trump’s trip to the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires:

Notice how Rudy inadvertently forgot to put a space between “”? That was a big mistake, because someone bought the domain name matching that web site and had it redirect to this message when you click on it:

How’s that for perfect karma?

Though it took him 24 hours to realize that his tweet now redirects to the traitor message, Giuliani wasn’t tech savvy or man enough to admit his error and have a laugh at his own expense. Instead, he tried to blame the whole thing on Twitter, which he called a haven for Trump haters:

What? Damn! And we though Trump was stupid!

Reaction to Rudy’s pathetic conspiracy theory were swift and hilarious:

Maybe Rudy can ask Santa for a book that will help him. Here’s a suggestion:

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