Giuliani hurls wild new allegations against Biden in bizarre Twitter rant

Rudy Giuliani, who serves as President Donald Trump’s part-time personal attorney and full-time conspiracy theorist, went on a strange late-night tweetstorm which seems to have been little more than an attempt to divert attention away from the growing Ukraine scandal that now threatens to consume the White House.

Among the unproven allegations in Giuliani’s tweetstorm: That the Ukrainian government laundered $3 million through the former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and that President Obama knew it was happening but did nothing.

Of course, the former New York City mayor offered absolutely no evidence to support his specious accusations:

Much like President Donald Trump, Rudy sounds worried and seems desperate to throw as much mud against the wall in an effort to see what will stick. But at the moment, the biggest scandal of them all is that a sitting president attempted to coerce a foreign leader to dig up or fabricate dirt on a political opponent. That certainly qualifies as a high crime and misdemeanor, and it suggests Trump is indeed worried he cannot win in 2020 unless he manages to slag whoever winds up being the Democratic nominee.

Featured Image Via the BBC