The Good News: Resistance Is NOT Futile

The word insane doesn’t seem quite encompassing enough to describe this past year. Donald Trump got elected President in the most shocking election in recent memory, and things started going downhill from there. Many of us have spent every day since then in fear, anger, shock, and disbelief.

The daily fear of turning on the news is a real thing among every progressive person in the country.

However, as Vox reports, as powerful as Republicans and President Trump like to think they are, it turns out there is another player this year that has been nearly as powerful: The Resistance.


A year ago Republicans were set to take control of the government. The resulting fear that they would merely sweep through the country and enstate their agenda with relative ease was palpable. Considering the GOP controls every branch of government, that is precisely what they should have been able to do.

Except one thing stood in their way: The Resistance.

Granted, they have made some headway in recent months, especially with the Tax bill’s recent passing. They managed to fill some seats in the judicial branch that Mitch McConnell held open during President Obama’s term. The most significant hits have been to minority communities, refugees, and immigrants.


Trump has now signed fewer bills during his first year in office than any president in recent history. Of course, he claims the opposite. On top of that, he has accomplished exactly NOTHING that requires more than the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster.

The GOP failed to repeal the Affordable Care Act, no matter how many times they tried to ram it through. The Clean Air Act remains on the books, in spite of Trump’s minions doing all in their power to erase it. Republicans have been losing seats hand over fist in many states, including some that are historically Republican strongholds like Alabama and Virginia.

Indeed, Danika Roem, a transgender woman in Virginia, beat out a 12 term incumbent there who called himself “chief homophobe.” THEN, in a special election, Doug Jones beat out Roy Moore in Alabama in an upset that has tipped the scales even further in the Senate.

With Jones winning the seat in Alabama the Senate is now held only by a very thin margin by the GOP.


Sure, Trump might take to Twitter on the daily to “boast” about his accomplishments. No, let’s call it what it is – lies. Trump lies on Twitter about what he is accomplishing. He wants desperately to pretend like he is winning at being President.

Everyone knows by now, however, that when Trumpypants is feeling threatened he tries to trash whoever is responsible for making him feel that way.

They are resisting progress. They’re resisting change because the only thing they really care about is protecting what they’ve been able to do which is really control the country and not to your benefit,” Trump said in his speech.

Considering the headway that Democrats are making in every poll heading into the midterms next year; Trump has every reason to be nervous.

Suffice it to say, that while this year has been a nightmare in many respects, it wasn’t nearly as bad as it could have been. The Resistance is indeed working. Keep it up, progressives, we got this.


Feature Image via Pixabay