GOP congressman says it’s ‘fine’ that migrant children are dying in U.S. custody

Despite the fact that six children who were attempting to legally immigrate to the United States have died in custody, a Republican congressman said Tuesday evening on CNN that their deaths were “fine” with him.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) was talking with Chris Cuomo about the congressman’s refusal to vote for a disaster relief bill. Roy’s reticence caused the bill to be held up, keeping many Americans in need of relief for hurricanes, flooding, and wildfires from receiving money to rebuild their lives. Roy said he didn’t vote for the bill because it didn’t contain enough funding for border security. That led Cuomo to remind Roy that he had yet to hear him say a word about the children in ICE custody:

“Deal with the kids right now, Chip.”

Roy responded:


Cuomo tried again:

“You know they’re dying.”

What Roy said next is about as cold and heartless as anything ever uttered on American television. He told Cuomo:


It’s fine with a member of Congress that children are dying while in the custody of the U.S. government. Would Roy feel that way if the same happened to a child of his or a close relative? Is he that utterly bloodless and evil?

Later in the conversation, Roy claimed (with zero evidence) that the majority of children coming across the border are being used as props by drug mules. Cuomo quickly refuted Roy, telling him most children are not coming to the U.S. for such purposes.

As ShareBlue Media reports, Roy is facing a torrent of criticism for holding up the disaster bill:

Roy has come under fire for obstructing disaster aid and hurting his constituents.

Over the Memorial Day weekend, the congressman sent out over 200 tweets and retweets, most of them angrily pushing back against the overwhelming tide of public opinion against him.

A Florida reporter pointed out Roy’s hypocrisy, noting that Roy had pushed for disaster relief in his own state after a hurricane, but is now blocking relief for those still recovering from last year’s hurricane in the Florida panhandle.

“Nothing inconsistent here,” Roy replied.

Looks like we’ve found yet another Republican who needs to be voted out of office in 2020.

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