Donor List Drama: GOP Fundraising Staffers Resign Over Breach

Two fundraising staffers for the National Republican Senatorial Committee have resigned after it was revealed that they broke into the servers of the House GOP fundraising committee to obtain donor lists.

The incident is yet another sign that the Republican party is crumbling. The two staffers worked for the NRSC but were former employees of the National Republican Congressional Committee. They used old NRCC passwords to claim the names, phone numbers, and email addresses of over 200,000 Republican donors.

NRCC officials became aware of the breach in October and are reportedly furious. The two committees both work to elect GOP officials to Congress and often share strategies – donor lists are kept separate due to their high value.

Why is this important?

The lists are highly coveted items among congressional campaign arms for financial reasons. Donor information accounts for large quantities of fundraising money and can be used as collateral to secure loans post-election season.

The NRSC has only $14 million on hand and more than $10 million in debt. On the other hand, the House campaign arm has no debt whatsoever and $40 million on hand. Less money for fundraising equals the potential of Democratic wins for the Senate committee. Given Trump’s record-low approval rating and widespread public outrage over the Senate GOP’s legislative agenda, the NSRC is well aware that they’re in for a fight.

If Republicans can’t pull their act together, they’re out. And boy would that be great for the American public.

In fact, Republican fundraisers don’t seem to sense the irony here. The two committees are supposed to work together, but are fighting over stealing donor lists. The donor lists are kept separate even though the committees are supposed to be unified.

A source interviewed by Politico said that the issue here is indeed about back-stabbing.

“Everyone steals lists, but the fact that they did this behind the back of the NRCC shows they knew they were doing something wrong. The people at the NRCC, who found out about this, are really pissed. They’re supposed to be on the same team.”

So long, Republican party.