GOP governor of Maryland slams Republicans for their blind loyalty to ‘dear leader’ Trump

Governor Larry Hogan (R-MD), who has been touted as a possible primary opponent for President Donald Trump in the Republican primary, said Tuesday in New Hampshire that he is indeed thinking of challenging Trump and also took jabs at the GOP for failing to call the president out for his actions.

Hogan was asked what he thought about the Republican National Committee (RNC) already saying it would not support any other member of the GOP who might challenge the incumbent president:

“I was pretty critical of that. And not that the Republican National Committee doesn’t have the right to support a sitting president, but to change the rules and to insist 100% loyalty to the dear leader, it doesn’t sound very much like the Republican Party that I grew up in, working for Ronald Reagan and supporting George Bush.”

The Maryland governor also said he wants to see his party return to its more “traditional” roots, the way it was before Trump came along:

“Changing the rules and stifling debate and demanding that we can’t even have an open discussion about the future of the party in the country is to me very short sighted and wrong move for the Republican National Committee. It does not represent the average voter, however, it’s a small group of people in Washington that comes from — to make the decisions in there. Not really representative of the average person.”

Hogan seemed to suggest that a large crop of candidates running for the White House on the Democratic side could make the eventual Democratic nominee even stronger:

“I think the more the merrier if you have 20 people on Democratic side and we’re going to be hearing about that for the next year and a half…but we have nobody on the other side.”

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