GOP Panics As Trump Refuses To Accept His Party Will Lose In Midterm Election

Trump 14th Amendment

Each day, as new polling data is examined, it becomes ever clearer that Congressional Republicans are in danger of becoming the minority legislative party when the upcoming midterm election is over with.

But despite the mounting concern by GOP leaders, President Donald Trump appears to be taking the ostrich approach: Resolutely refusing to accept that Republicans are on the verge of losing both houses of Congress.

A new report from The New York Times notes that Trump is increasingly isolated inside the White House and will not focus on the role his own dismal approval ratings may be playing in the upcoming November election:

“Congressional and party leaders and even some Trump aides are concerned that the president’s boundless self-assurance about politics will cause him to ignore or undermine their midterm strategy. In battleground states like Arizona, Florida, and Nevada, Mr. Trump’s proclivity to be a loose cannon could endanger the Republican incumbents and challengers who are already facing ferocious Democratic headwinds.”

Talk is also rampant among Republicans that should they lose their majority, Democrats will immediately begin impeachment hearings. That has led them to suggest a possible strategy to minimize the damage even if the GOP takes a shellacking at the polls:

“Among his close associates, a debate is raging about whether to focus on House races that could earn the president chits with Republican lawmakers who might ultimately vote on impeachment, or to dig in to defend the party’s tenuous Senate majority. Congressional leaders have left little doubt in private that they see Mr. Trump as a political millstone for many of the party’s candidates. In recent weeks, Mr. McConnell has confided to associates that Republicans may lose the Senate because of the anti-Trump energy on the left.”

Yet when confronted with the poll numbers which show the predicted “blue wave” of Democratic victory by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his own legislative liaison, Marc Short, Trump confidently predicted:

“That’s not going to happen.”

Also frustrating to Congressional Republicans is the fact that the president is unwilling to follow any political playbook that’s offered by the GOP. As Republican strategist Eric Beach commented:

“He doesn’t think that’s how you win elections because that’s not how he won his election.”

That arrogance and inability to listen to reason may wind up being what leads to the downfall of Donald Trump.

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