GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz admits his sole job in Congress is protecting Trump

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) is one of President Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters in Congress, a shameless sycophant who will go to any lengths to defend Trump no matter what disgusting things the president says or does.

You might wonder how Gaetz’s constituents feel about his devotion to Trump, but he doesn’t, admitting that his only job in Congress is to be a lackey for the president, as he recently told BuzzFeed:

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“The president is deserving of a zealous and capable defense against illegitimate charges from biased people. And I feel very compelled to be here to provide it.

“I don’t know how I’d fit into this place in the absence of the president.”

With Trump’s impeachment now seeming less likely since the the Mueller investigation ended, what does Gaetz see on the horizon during his next two years in the House? To that, he responded:

“I love the country, I believe that the Congress let the country down, and I’m here to change it.”

Gaetz also revealed that when he wants to get something done in Congress, he calls the White House:

“When I want to get things done for my constituents, I don’t call Speaker Pelosi, and I didn’t call Speaker Ryan. I call the White House, and they can make things happen to help people across the country, and that benefits the people I serve.”

But Gaetz conceded that his top priority is being a lap dog for Donald Trump:

“I wake up every day and I do what I can to expose what I believe is an intractable bias among the people who are investigating the president. I did that when I was in the majority, and the people who ran the place you know, stood in the way at times. And I do it in the minority, and the people who run the place stand in the way at times. I guess the big difference is, being in the minority, the people who run the place who don’t like me are now members of the other party.”

One wonders what exactly Gaetz will do if his political savior is defeated in 2020. Maybe he can get a job with the Trump Organization, provided it isn’t bankrupt and Trump isn’t in prison.

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