Harvard law professor explains why starting an impeachment inquiry is worth it


House Democrats may be balking at impeaching President Donald Trump for now, but doing so would mean Senate Republicans would have to face the evidence of his crimes before they vote while the nation watches, which Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe says makes it worth the risk.

The risk, of course, is that Democrats would suffer 2020 Election losses similar to how Republicans suffered losses after trying to impeach former President Bill Clinton.

But that’s not exactly what happened. House Democrats should remember that Republicans would capture the presidency in 2000, a year after the impeachment failed. Republicans also held the majority in the House after losing just two seats.

If anything, Democrats are risking their majority by not impeaching Trump, whose high crimes and misdemeanors are listed by the Mueller report for all to see regardless of the redactions.

Democratic leadership also seems convinced that the Senate will automatically acquit Trump in the resulting impeachment trial.

But that may not be true either. While some Republicans will refuse to abandon Trump, some privately agree with Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) that Trump should be impeached. They are just too scared to come out publicly and say it.

As Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe explained on Twitter Saturday, impeaching Trump would lay out his various offenses for the whole country to see, including those Republicans who privately support impeachment.

Defending the Constitution and the rule of law is always worth it. Senate Republicans who failed to uphold their oaths of office despite the mountain of evidence would be the ones getting punished at the ballot box, not the Democrats. That is, unless Democrats fail to do their duty, then they lose support from their own voters and create the very electoral nightmare they wanted to avoid into a reality.

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