He joked on Twitter about bombing journalism schools — now he’s apologizing after huge backlash

Podhoretz deactivated his Twitter account
John Podhoretz. Screen capture by Wochit News via YouTube video

Blowback was swift when conservative writer Jon Podhoretz tweeted a joke suggesting a journalism school should be “neutron-bombed.” He received so much criticism, in fact, that he apologized Thursday, after completely deleting his Twitter account the day before.

Podhoretz tweeted this after finding out ex-New Yorker fact-checker Talia Lavin and ex-Teen Vogue contributor Lauren Duca were recently hired to teach at New York University Journalism School, Mediaite reports.

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“Talia Lavin and Lauren Duca teaching at NYU J school is the best argument yet that J schools should be neutron bombed and their buildings given to Rick Singer for no show side door people,” he tweeted Wednesday.

Fortunately, that tweet was saved for posterity by BuzzFeed’s Jon Passantino.

Many conservatives viewed Lavin’s and Duca’s hiring to be controversial, and some of that was undoubtedly caused by Lavin’s resignation from The New Yorker after she falsely claimed an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Agent had a Nazi tattoo, The Wrap reports.

Duca gained internet fame after she appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show and famously called him a “partisan hack.”

And she tweeted this response shortly after:

Lavin owned up to her error and she and Duca have impressive resumes.

Podhoretz is now contrite about his remarks, and in a statement, he published on Commentary, he apologized to both women and had this to say:

“On Wednesday I wrote an aggressive and rude satirical tweet involving a neutron bomb, the NYU Journalism school, journalism schools in general, and two writers. I regret my attacks on Lauren Duca and Talia Lavin, which were unprovoked and therefore entirely unseemly. I wholeheartedly apologize to them.”

Lavin and Duca weren’t about to accept his apology and both said so in a series of tweets.

Podhoretz deactivated his Twitter account Wednesday, and Lavin and Duca weren’t the only Twitterati glad to see him go.

At this point, it seems that Duca, Lavin, and the Twitter users above have done a great job of teaching Podhoretz a lesson. Or at least we hope so anyway.

Here’s more in the Wochit video below.

Featured image by Wochit News via YouTube video