‘He Lies, He Deceives’ — CNN’s John King Lays A Brutal Fact Check On Trump (VIDEO)

On Friday, during an impromptu press conference he gave on the White House lawn before he left for France, President Donald Trump demanded that members of the press treat him and his office with respect, which led CNN host John King to remind Trump that he should practice what he preaches.

King began his masterful takedown of the president by looking into the camera and stating:

“Amen, Mr. President, we should all agree with that. You should not lie on sacred ground. Twisting the truth is not respecting that very special place or the presidency.”

But it was what the CNN host said next that is almost certain to rankle the notoriously thin skinned Trump. King reminded the president that he regularly disrespects the press and even his own voters:

“Calling journalists or their questions stupid is not respectful. Misleading and stoking conspiracy theories to keep your supporters riled up disrespects them, in the place they voted for you to call home.”

Pivoting to Trump’s latest conspiracy theory — that Democrats are attempting to steal elections in Florida by insisting that all of the votes be counted — King offered a brilliant and long overdue retort to the biggest liar in the history of the presidency:

“That’s how math works.

“The man who says the White House is very sacred and the presidency should be treated with respect never passes an opportunity to disrespect or smear any public servant or institution who fails to vow loyalty.”

What Donald Trump doesn’t seem to realize is that respect is earned. And when a person routinely disrespects anyone who dares to hold him accountable, the blame lies solely with the individual who is demanding something he himself isn’t willing to offer.

President Trump, if you want us to respect you, how about you return the favor just once?

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot