Huckabee Sanders bellyaches about Michael Cohen’s upcoming testimony to Congress

Sarah Huckabee Sanders
White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders gets feisty in response to reporters questions about Trump's tweet that targeted Mueller. Screenshot courtesy of The White House via YouTube video

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a fool of herself again on Tuesday by attacking President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen as he prepares to deliver potential explosive testimony in Congress this week.

Cohen’s testimony has been eagerly anticipated for a while now and even was postponed at one point after Trump threatened Cohen’s father-in-law on Twitter.

Now as Trump departs for Vietnam to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, Huckabee Sanders has apparently been left in charge of attacking Cohen in Trump’s stead.

“Disgraced felon Michael Cohen is going to prison for lying to Congress and making other false statements,” Sanders told reporters on Tuesday. “Sadly, he will go before Congress this week and we can expect more of the same. It’s laughable that anyone would take a convicted liar like Cohen at his word, and pathetic to see him given yet another opportunity to spread his lies.”

Fox News reporter Mike Emanuel reported the statement on Twitter.

First of all, Huckabee Sanders should be forced to answer exactly who hired the “disgraced felon” in the first place. That answer would be Trump.

Also, it’s probably not a good idea to attack Cohen for being a liar when Trump has lied over 8,000 times since taking office and she herself has spent a considerable amount of time lying to the press during briefings.

Trump is an unindicted co-conspirator listed as “Individual 1” in court filings for directing and coordinating campaign finance felonies during the 2016 Election in an effort to cover up his extramarital affairs with two women. That makes Trump a felon, too. So, Huckabee Sanders has no business attacking Cohen when her boss is even worse.

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