Huckabee Sanders falsely claims Democrats have not passed any legislation while investigating Trump

Huckabee Sanders

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a fool of herself again on Thursday morning by insisting that House Democrats have not passed any legislation while investigating President Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Trump stormed out of a meeting with Democratic leadership and threw a hissy fit in the Rose Garden over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) calling him out earlier in the day for being “engaged in a cover-up.”

Trump also demanded Democrats end all investigations before he will work them on anything and said Congress is incapable of legislating and investigating at the same time.

His propaganda mouthpiece repeated that same claim on Thursday during an interview on CNN with Alisyn Camerota.

“You can’t go down two tracks,” Huckabee Sanders said, going on to claim that Trump wants to pass several different kinds of legislation before blaming Pelosi for Trump’s refusal to work on infrastructure.

Camerota asked if Trump is incapable of working while being investigated, but Huckabee Sanders spun back to whining about Democrats

“I think it’s a complete lie that Democrats in Congress think they can do two things at once,” she said. “So far we haven’t seen them do anything. Nancy Pelosi has had the majority in the House for months and has yet to accomplish a single thing.”

Camerota was ready for that lie because she called it out.

“From January 3rd to the present, which is not that long, the House has passed 248 bills, the Senate has passed 161, a total of 379,” she said. “That’s not nothing!”

Caught in a lie, Huckabee Sanders modified the lie by claiming that Democrats haven’t passed “significant pieces of legislation that are going to change the course of the country.”

But that’s not true either. House Democrats passed the Green New Deal resolution that would transform the nation into a clean energy powerhouse, enact universal healthcare and create millions of jobs that pay a living wage.

Democrats also passed a major election reform bill that would get money out of politics, make Election Day a national holiday and automatically register every American to vote.

In addition, Democrats passed a pair of background checks bills that would help prevent future mass shootings.

And Democrats are about to pass a DACA bill, which Pelosi announced yesterday after her meeting with House committee chairs.

Clearly, Democrats have demonstrated they can legislate and investigate at the same time. So, Camerota noted that it must be Trump who can’t handle both.

“It’s the president who is saying that he can’t do infrastructure while he’s being investigated,” she said. “He is the one who walked out of the meeting.”

Huckabee Sanders responded by pouting and again attacked Democrats by claiming they are the ones who can’t do both.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Even when she is caught in a lie and knows it, Huckabee Sanders refuses to stop repeating the lie. She should be shunned everywhere she goes for the rest of her life for her disgraceful behavior.

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