IBM flooded with demands for accountability after senior consultant threatens to shoot Obama


IBM is under fire after one of their employees posted a vile threat against former President Barack Obama on Twitter Friday in response to President Donald Trump’s claim that Obama is involved in a conspiracy to take him down.

Trump launched the attack as part of a larger diatribe against the Russia investigation and Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

After one Twitter user noted that Trump once again is obsessing over Obama, self-proclaimed Senior Business Consultant at IBM Corporation Jim Boka violated IBM’s social media standards by claiming Obama will be killed and actually volunteered to be one of his killers.

“Get used to it,” Boka wrote in the now-deleted tweet. “If he’s lucky he’ll go to prison, but most likely Obama will be shot for treason. And I volunteer to be on the firing squad. I’ve been saying this for ten years.”

Here’s a screenshot of the tweet.

Twitter users responding by bombarding IBM with complaints informing them of their employee’s threatening hate speech.

Boka, of course, doubled down on his own Twitter feed.

But he likely won’t be laughing for long since one Twitter user pointed out that Boka violated IBM’s social media policy.

Boka can’t be fired for being a Trump supporter, but he can be fired for making vile remarks about a former president. His comment is an embarrassment to the IBM brand, and the company must take action or be accused of endorsing such statements by their employees.

Featured Image: Wikimedia