If you are against fascism, Ted Cruz wants to label you a ‘domestic terrorist’


Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is making it perfectly clear that the Republican Party is fascist by introducing a dangerous new resolution that would label anti-fascists as “domestic terrorists.”

Anti-fascist groups trace their lineage back to World War II as resistance movements against the Nazis in Germany and the fascist forces of Benito Mussolini in Italy.

Unfortunately, as the Republican Party and President Donald Trump adopt fascism, similar anti-fascist groups are needed today to oppose right-wing extremists and the erosion of rights and democracy associated with fascism.

Anti-fascists, also known as Antifa, have been demonized by Republicans for resisting Trump and his fascist policies all while conveniently ignoring the killings and domestic terrorism committed by white nationalists that Trump himself has been inciting.

The KKK, nor any white nationalist group, have been classified as a domestic terrorist group by the United States. But Ted Cruz sure does want Antifa to be the first group to receive such a classification.

Last week, he and Senator Bill Cassidy (R-La.) introduced a resolution to do just that, which Cruz announced on Twitter.

This resolution is is a threat to political dissent at a time when Trump is telling four Democratic congresswomen of color to leave America because they don’t support his fascist policies.

It’s an attack on free speech and democracy specifically aimed at a group that recognizes how dangerous and threatening the Republican Party has become. This isn’t about protecting Americans, especially since “there have been no Antifa related murders,” according to the Anti-Defamation League, while white nationalists have murdered hundreds, including Heather Heyer, who was murdered by a white nationalist in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This is a blatant effort by Republicans to intimidate and silence anyone who would criticize or oppose them and represents a frightening future that could become reality if Republicans were to control Congress and the White House after the 2020 Election. As Americans, every one of us should be anti-fascists. After all, millions of Americans fought against it during World War II and thousands sacrificed their lives doing so. We owe it to them to keep fighting fascists and people who support fascists like Cruz.

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