Internet recoils in horror after Trump viciously attacks the late-First Lady Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush

President Donald Trump continued attacking dead people who can’t fight back this week, except he didn’t attack the late-Senator John McCain this time. He attacked the late-former First Lady Barbara Bush, who has been dead even longer.

Barbara Bush died at the age of 92 last April and despised Trump so much that the Bush family told him not to bother coming to the funeral.

During an interview with the conservative Washington Times, Trump chose vengeance rather than simply not commenting after being asked about various remarks she reportedly made about him according to a new book about Mrs. Bush.

“I have heard that she was nasty to me, but she should be. Look what I did to her sons,” Trump said. “Look, she’s the mother of somebody that I competed against. Most people thought he [Jeb Bush] was going to win and he was quickly out. I hit him very hard in South Carolina. Remember? He was supposed to win South Carolina and I won it in a landslide. I hit him so hard. That’s when his brother came to make the first speech for him. And I said, ‘What took you so long?’“

Once again, Trump literally attacked someone who is no longer alive to fight back, just as he attacked McCain last month.

And just like then, Twitter users were horrified.

Trump has no shame and he has no dignity. If anything, he has made the Bush family look like a family of saints compared to him and his own. Republicans ought to be outraged, and if they are not, they should be ashamed.

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