Irony Alert! Eric Trump says ‘facts do not matter’ to those who criticize his father

According to Eric Trump, son of President Donald Trump, “facts do not matter” to members of the media and those who criticize the administration are blatantly lying.

Feel free to take a moment so you can laugh and shake your head.

During an appearance on “Hannity,” Tuesday evening as disastrous election results were coming in from Kentucky and Virginia, Eric remarked:

“They’re willing to lie. They’re willing to take anybody down for any reason that fits their narrative.”

Eric then continued with his whining, telling Fox host Sean Hannity:

“They do it to me, they do it to Don, they do it to Ivanka, they do it to my father every single day.

“Facts do not matter to these people. If it helps their little political agenda, if it helps them get something they want, if it appeases their bosses and the higher-ups in the mainstream media, they’ll lie, they’ll deceive, they’ll fraud.”

There’s a lot to unpack here, but let’s take a second and address Eric’s accusations:

  • “Facts do not matter”: There has never been a more factually-challenged president than Donald Trump, a man who has told over 13,000 lies since taking office in 2017.
  • “They’re willing to take anyone down”: Again, we have the example of Donald Trump, who has relentlessly attacked anyone that disagrees with him and has even tried to slag a decorated military veteran who testified before the House impeachment committee.

If Eric and the rest of the Trump family cannot handle the criticism that comes with public office and being public figures, then maybe they all need to pack their bags, buy a remote island, and disappear for a decade or two.

This endless whining from the Trumps — especially the president himself — is absurd. Again, there’s a simple solution to the problem: President Trump can resign his office and disappear from public life. Millions of us would love to see that happen.

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