Ivanka Calls For Prison Reform For Women As Demands To ‘Lock Her Up’ Over Email Scandal Continue


President Donald Trump’s attacks on Hillary Clinton came back to haunt him this week after his daughter Ivanka was exposed for using personal email to conduct government business. And the calls to “lock her up” have been raining down.

In the mother of all hypocrisies, Ivanka was caught using her private email account for much of 2017.

According to CNN:

Trump used her personal account to email Cabinet officials, White House aides and assistants. The Presidential Records Act requires all official White House communications and records be preserved.

Perhaps this report would not be so significant if not for the fact that Ivanka’s daddy has been whining about Clinton using her personal email account to conduct government business since the 2016 Election and has encouraged his cult to chant “Lock Her Up!” at every rally.

Now that his own daughter has her own email scandal, his White House is desperately arguing that Ivanka’s use of a personal email is different.

But it doesn’t matter how different her situation is, the bottom line is that she is not supposed to use a personal email to conduct government business, even if it’s just to fix a scheduling issue.

Ivanka is also excusing her illegal activity by claiming she didn’t know the rules after months of hearing her dad attack Clinton for doing the same thing.

And ethics watchdog groups are calling for an investigation.

“The president’s family is not above the law, and there are serious questions that Congress should immediately investigate,” American Oversight executive director Austin Evers says. “Did Ivanka Trump turn over all of her emails for preservation as required by law? Was she sending classified information over a private system?”

No matter how Trump’s team tries to spin it, Ivanka broke the law and committed one of the biggest acts of hypocrisy since her father took office, which resulted in Americans calling for her to be locked up.

Curiously, as the email scandal broke and calls to “Lock Her Up” started coming out, Ivanka took to Twitter to call for prison reform for women.

Twitter had a field day.

Clearly, Ivanka Trump potentially broke the law and went full hypocrite, and now Americans are rightfully calling her out for it. It’s karma really. Hillary Clinton must be laughing her ass off right now.


Featured Image: Wikimedia