Ivanka Joins The ‘War On Christmas’ And Twitter Gives Her Hell

Apparently, Ivanka Trump did not get the “Merry Christmas” memo from her daddy.

President Donald Trump repeatedly panders to his conservative base by declaring that Americans will say “Merry Christmas” again. You know, because there is some kind of “war on Christmas” that has supposedly been raging on for many years now. Fox News is so obsessed with pushing the “war on Christmas” that they even think sexual assault allegations are ruining the holiday.

But rather than say “Merry Christmas,” Ivanka wished her Twitter followers “Happy Holidays” instead; a phrase that conservatives despise because they think it’s a liberal plot to destroy Christmas. Seriously.

And so, Ivanka’s tweet caused a firestorm of conservative anger and hilarious mockery.

One really has to wonder what Donald Trump thinks about his daughter’s holiday message. Because he’s either a hypocrite or he actually believes the bullshit that comes out of his mouth enough that he will criticize Ivanka for not saying “Merry Christmas.”

Regardless, it’s entertaining to watch conservatives lose their shit over a war that isn’t real.

Featured Image Via YouTube screenshot.