Ivanka Trump denies involvement in Trump Tower Moscow scandal


President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka released a cautious statement through her spokesperson on Friday denying her involvement in the Trump Tower Moscow deal her daddy was negotiating with Russia during the 2016 Election.

After striking a plea deal last year, Cohen admitted to lying to Congress about when negotiations for a Trump project in Moscow ended, telling lawmakers that they ended in January 2016.

In fact, it turns out Trump was still negotiating the project throughout the summer that same year and CNN even obtained a letter of intent signed by Trump himself, which Trump has previously denied existed.

“I made these statements to be consistent with Individual-1’s political messaging and out of loyalty to Individual-1,” Cohen told the court, thereby implicating his former boss.

Now Buzzfeed is reporting that Trump ordered Cohen to lie to Congress, which would be a crime and an impeachable offense.

And the new bombshell revelations could put Ivanka and her brother Donald Trump Jr. in the cross hairs.

According to BuzzFeed:

And even as Trump told the public he had no business deals with Russia, the sources said Trump and his children Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. received regular, detailed updates about the real estate development from Cohen, whom they put in charge of the project.

Her legal culpability in this scandal forced Ivanka to distance herself from it in a statement.

“Ms. Trump did not know about this proposal until after a non-binding letter of intent had been signed, never talked to anyone outside the organization about the proposal, never visited the projected project site and was only minimally involved,” her spokesperson said.

But while Buzzfeed acknowledged Ivanka and Trump Jr. having “distanced themselves from the Moscow project”, the publication pointed out that “a picture of their deep involvement is now emerging, as FBI agents and prosecutors pore over witness interviews and internal documents from Cohen and other Trump Organization officials and executives.”

A paper trail and witnesses would be a disaster for Ivanka and her sibling, as both could end up becoming subjects in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation if they weren’t already.

And Cohen will get the chance to spill more details when he testifies to Congress next month “in furtherance of my commitment to cooperate and provide the American people with answers.”

“I look forward to having the privilege of being afforded a platform with which to give a full and credible account of the events which have transpired,” Cohen said.

Cohen could directly implicate Ivanka and Donald Jr. and could even have recordings that would prove his claims, just like he had a recording to back up his testimony that Trump knew about and directed the hush money payments to women he had affairs with.

House Democratic committee chairmen have already issued a joint warning to Trump to not engage with Cohen because anything he says on Twitter or in person about him could be considered witness intimidation and obstruction.

And now Trump has to be concerned that his children have been implicated and could be further implicated in his scandals. The question is will he try to save them by making a deal to resign, or will he throw them under the bus to save himself as he usually does?

Featured Image: BBC