Ivanka Trump gives a late shout-out to Women’s History Month and gets destroyed by Twitter for her hypocrisy

March was Women’s History Month, so Ivanka Trump thought she’d weigh on in the matter right as it was ending, but based on the reaction her comments drew, she probably should have kept her thoughts to herself.

On Sunday, Ivanka posted this on social media:

As HuffPost notes, Ivanka’s tweet comes on the heels of the recent budget proposal from the Trump administration that would cut numerous programs for American women:

“The Trump administration just proposed billions of dollars of cuts to the education budget. It also aims to slash an educational program provided by NASA to boost engagement in science, technology, engineering and math — the kind of operation the first daughter touts for girls.

“Another startling incongruity in Trump’s post was a video she shared that opens with a Latina girl working on a model of a wind turbine. Commenters noted that Donald Trump is fighting to keep Latin American immigrants out of the U.S. — or caging them. He has also mocked wind power, saying it can’t work because wind ‘only blows sometimes’ and then TVs would shut off.”

Twitter was having none of Ivanka’s BS:

Featured Image Via NBC News