James Clapper Rips Trump’s Appalling Idea To Withdraw From NATO


President Donald Trump’s plan to withdraw from NATO drew mass condemnation on Tuesday as former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and others sharply rebuked reports detailing Trump’s obsession with giving Russian dictator Vladimir Putin the ultimate gift.

NATO has been the foundation of America’s national security strategy for 70 years. The alliance has successfully held back Russian aggression for decades while preventing future world wars. Because of it, we are stronger.

But a new report by the New York Times on Tuesday made it clear that Trump is a threat to the alliance because he repeatedly talked to aides about withdrawing from NATO in 2018, and that makes one wonder even more about exactly what Trump and Putin discussed during their private talks, talks Trump has gone to desperate lengths to keep secret.

On Tuesday morning, CNN asked Clapper about the bombshell report.

“If this was, in fact, a topic of discussion in secret sessions between Putin and President Trump, that’s really terrible,” Clapper began. “Withdrawing from NATO — even discussing withdrawing from NATO — would be disastrous for the security of the United States. This is not about the U.S. just protecting NATO, because the U.S. derives benefit from being forward deployed where our first line of defense is our own shore. This would play into Putin’s hands.”

“This is a primary objective of Putin, to drive wedges between European countries and a wedge between Europe and the United States,” Clapper concluded. “This would be, to me, a real disaster. NATO has been a bulwark for both us and Europe for 70 years.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

It’s not just Clapper either. Journalists, military leaders, intelligence officers, European officials, and former federal prosecutors all expressed horror over Trump’s idea to withdraw from NATO.

This new revelation makes the report of the FBI investigating Trump for possibly being a Russian agent even more serious. Republicans must intervene and make it clear that withdrawing from NATO is not an option and would constitute grounds for immediate impeachment. Trump is directly threatening to undermine our national security and pave the way for Russian military aggression against Europe, which could result in World War III. He needs to be stopped before it’s too late.


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