Jeanine Pirro headlines another GOP fundraiser in violation of Fox News policy


Fox News supposedly has a policy against employees participating in political fundraisers. But Jeanine Pirro and other hosts frequently violate the rules, and Pirro is doing it again later this year when she headlines a Republican fundraiser in Washington state.

There’s a reason why you don’t see media personalities like Jake Tapper or Rachel Maddow headlining Democratic fundraisers. Legitimate news networks, at the very least, want their on-air talent to maintain their objectivity and not be seen favoring one party over another. They can donate to campaigns, but they can’t actively campaign for candidates or take money from them to headline an event.

Of course, if Maddow or Tapper did headline Democratic fundraisers and took money from Democratic candidates, only to interview those candidates later on, you can bet that Fox News would explode in rage and accuse them of being in the tank for Democrats more than they already do because they would have actual proof of bias.

As we all know, however, Fox News has a different set of rules for their employees. For instance, male employees are basically allowed to sexually harass their female colleagues.

And apparently, Fox News personalities are allowed to ignore policies forbidding them from headlining political fundraisers and campaign events.

After all, Sean Hannity and Pirro appear at Trump rallies all the time, not even bothering to pretend that they are “fair and balanced,” and Pirro is scheduled to make a paid appearance at a fundraiser later this year.

According to Salon:

Pirro is the featured speaker at an October 25 fundraiser for the King County Republican Party in Bellevue, WA. General admission tickets are $150, with VIP tickets — which include preferred seating, a meet-and-greet with Pirro, and a copy of her new book — going for $300. The GOP group is also soliciting sponsors and auction items for the event.

In fact, numerous Fox employees get away with violating the policy, making it obvious that Fox News hosts are in the tank for the Republican Party, a dangerous melding of a media outlet and a political party that sounds more like something out of Russia or North Korea.

It’s little wonder why Fox News is considered the propaganda arm of the GOP.

And they get paid well to make these appearances, more than $500,000 overall, which makes each one of them compromised and beholden to the GOP.

So, the next time you hear a Fox News host or a Republican lawmaker accused CNN or MSNBC of being biased, just remember that Fox News hosts like Pirro regularly take money from the GOP and campaign for Republican candidates all while they kiss Trump’s a** on the air.

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