Jeff Toobin: Trump shouldn’t celebrate just because Mueller didn’t indict him


Even though Special Counsel Robert Mueller didn’t hand down any other indictments before he submitted his report to Attorney General William Barr, CNN legal analyst Jeff Toobin warned Friday evening that President Donald Trump is still in very hot water legally.

Toobin made his comments during an appearance on “Anderson Cooper 360,” where he noted that while it’s certainly good news for Trump that neither he or any members of his family were indicted, there still plenty to worry the White House:

“There were no conflicts between the Mueller team and Rod Rosenstein. Rod Rosenstein never said don’t indict this person, don’t issue that subpoena, don’t travel to this location. That shows that the Mueller investigation proceeded as Mueller wanted it to go.”

Granted, Toobin added, no indictments are great news for those who feared seeing their name on one:

“I think we need to be specific about some of the good news in here for people around the president. Donald Trump, Jr., Jared Kushner, Jerome Corsi all of whom people have been suspected of criminal wrongdoing, they are not going to be indicted.”

But Toobin then went on to reveal that Trump is still not in the clear:

“I think for the president it’s a little more complicated,. The idea that Robert Mueller did not try to indict the president I don’t think is especially good news for the president because he couldn’t indict the president. That is significant.”

Indeed, even though Trump wasn’t indicted, no one expected he would be in light of the Justice Department memo which says a sitting president cannot be indicted. Instead of indicting Trump, Mueller may have drawn Congress a road map of how they can impeach the president. In other words, the Mueller report may be the impeachment document that can be used to remove Trump from office.

It’s safe to speculate that Donald Trump is very happy right now, but he’s far from being in the clear.

Here’s Toobin on CNN Friday evening:

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