Jim Bakker claims climate change is a liberal ‘plot’ to hide ‘End Times’

Conspiracy theorist and televangelist Jim Bakker. Screenshot by RWW Blog via YouTube

Televangelist and prepper Jim Bakker has hijacked climate change again. Oh, this is nothing new for him. He’s done this on several occasions by insisting it’s our sins — not climate change causing extreme weather. He’s claimed Hurricane Harvey, which killed 60 people and devastated Houston in 2017 was God’s judgment. And he’s at it again, this time on his program The Jim Bakker Show.

What’s he on about this time?

Unlike his idol Donald Trump, who once claimed that climate change is a hoax invented by China, he believes climate change is a sneaky plot by liberals to conceal the always-looming end times, Patheos and Right Wing Watch report.

“God’s judgment is coming, just as his word said it would come in the last days,” Bakker said. “Why is man so livid about global warming? Why? Why do you think people in America — do you know what? They want to have people arrested that don’t believe that global warming is what they are saying it is. Do you understand me? Wake up, everybody.”

Who’s this mythical “they?” I haven’t heard about anyone being threatened with arrest if they don’t believe in global warming, climate change (whatever you want to call it) have you? That would be news to me.

But our man Jim considers himself a student of climate science, he does.

“I’ve studied global warming, and we’ve had periods of warming before,” he said. “God is going to send judgment, he already has, he’s already begun … Global warming is the world’s excuse that God wasn’t in the storm. I’m going to prove to you God’s in the storm, God’s in the rain, God’s in the wind, it’s God’s storm, it’s God’s wind, it’s God’s lightning.”

While Bakker continues to hand-wring, here’s what we’re really looking at: The climate has changed so much that mosquitoes are expanding their territory further afield, causing serious disease outbreaks. Deadly and unprecedented extreme weather events are blooming all over the planet. Sea ice in the arctic declined rapidly this past summer and wildfires raged over parts of Alaska. The situation in the Antarctic isn’t any better as sea ice here continues to shrink and fracture. Coral reefs are dying and causing ocean acidification, and wildfire seasons are lasting much longer than they used to.

So it’s really the opposite of what Bakker claims, no matter how loony his ideas are. Evangelicals are attempting to disparage the fact that climate change has been proven by science and that it’s due to us. They are creating a dangerous idea, one that says it’s okay if the planet is broken because they’ll leave all that behind for something that may or may not exist. They are playing fast and loose with the facts.

Here’s what Bakker had to say below.

Featured image courtesy of the video above