John Brennan Expresses Hope For 2019 That Republicans Abandon Trump


Former CIA Director John Brennan expressed hope on New Year’s Eve that Republicans finally come to their senses and abandon President Donald Trump in 2019.

On Monday, Trump once again falsely declared victory in Syria over ISIS and declared that he knows more than the “failed generals” do. Trump also complained about not being praised as a “national hero” for withdrawing the troops and continued complaining about the “bad press.”

Again, Trump’s decision amounts to surrender in Syria because ISIS has not been decisively defeated in the region. There are still thousands of ISIS fighters to carry on after the United States leaves. And those remnants will regroup and take back territory they previously lost because of our military presence. Trump has abandoned the battlefield and our allies while giving ISIS a chance to rebound and launch more terrorist attacks in the region and even against the United States.

Trump’s whining and failure to lead provoked Brennan to respond, which he did via Twitter in a message of hope that the GOP will wake up and kick Trump to the curb in 2019 for the sake of the Republican Party and the nation.

Brennan has been a frequent critic of Trump, who retaliated earlier this year against the longtime public servant by stripping his security clearance from him in a petty move that drew a mass backlash from current and former intelligence officers as well as from current and former military leaders.

That action alone hurt our national security by depriving intelligence and military leaders of advice and knowledge from a highly experienced CIA director who most certainly knows more about Syria and ISIS than Trump ever will.

With that said, we can only hope that Republicans take Brennan’s words seriously and do what’s best for the country by turning on Trump. This nation has had enough of being ruled by a madman and the last thing we need is more foreign policy blunders that damage our national security even more.

Featured Image: Wikimedia