Jon Cryer just nailed Trump on impeachable offenses beyond the Mueller Report — And it is fantastic!

Jon Cryer and Trump

Many Twitter fans know Jon Cryer, the actor, comedian, and television director, as one of the most outspoken and active critics of Donald Trump on social media. Today he’s among the ever-growing number of voices calling for impeachment. So when one Twitter user decided to claim it was all about hurt feelings rather than facts, Cryer was all-too-ready to provide a list of reasons.

The list includes relatively new incidents aside from the list of ten incidences of obstruction of justice in the redacted Mueller report. After all, it seems Trump just can’t help himself by providing more reasons for impeachment almost daily.

Since 2018, Cryer has had the tweet below pinned to the top of his page, with important reasons that Trump is unfit to be President, from tax fraud to obstruction, to breaking federal election law. Then, of course, you have to consider that multiple women have accused him of sexual assault. This was all well before Mueller’s heavily redacted report was released on April 18, 2019.

On Thursday, Cryer posted the following statement, explaining that Trump has already committed more impeachable offenses since Mueller’s report came out. Cryer suggests that even the Republican-controlled Senate may have to admit that Trump is far beyond the impeachable point and it just gets worse every day.

That’s when a critic on Twitter calling himself “The Book Commander” responded to Cryer, stating:

“I would love to see an actual list. Hurting your feelings isn’t impeachment material.”

Cryer seemed to jump at the chance to respond with a thread of facts just off the top of his well-informed head.

The Book Commander responded with his own blog post, saying he remained unconvinced of “evidence of impeachable wrongdoing,” by Trump, who he considers a “great President.”

Rather than trolling Cryer, he says he respects Cryer for having an opinion, although he still disagrees. He was surprised Cryer “actually presented a list of reasons to back up his statement.”

“I leave this experience with a newfound respect for Jon Cryer,” he wrote.

Featured image: Jon Cryer and Trump via YouTube screenshot