Judge Napolitano Explains The Law On Fox And Things Don’t Look Good For Trump


This is the same Judge Andrew Napolitano whom Fox News fired for starting an international incident when he falsely reported that former President Barack Obama and the British government spied on President Donald Trump.

Well, he is back on Fox News, but this time he appears to be back in the land of facts and truth instead of wild conspiracy theories.

Napolitano, a former State Supreme Court Justice from New Jersey, has extensive knowledge of the law. Based on his appearance on Fox today, he no longer cares about angering Trump or his supporters.


Today on Fox News Ashley Webster asked Napolitano if Nunberg was a credible witness “based on his performance yesterday.”

In case you missed it, Nunberg is refusing to appear before a grand jury, even though he has been subpoenaed and ordered to do so.

Napolitano said no that Nunberg wholly lacks in credibility. He then got right to the meat and potatoes of the whole issue and outlined exactly what has been going on with the case. He said two distinct legal issues are happening here. Napolitano said:

“Three weeks ago, Sam Nunberg voluntarily agreed to an interview by an FBI agent, who came and interviewed him for 5.5 hours. Whatever he told them, they decided they wanted that told to a grand jury. … We don’t know what he told them. I doubt that he came across with them the way he came across on CNN and MSNBC — they would’ve stopped the interview.”

The second legal issue on the table is that, according to Nunberg, the FBI offered him immunity. Napolitano pointed out that immunity is a “profound offer” that the government rarely gives out. Webster said:

“That suggests he has the goods.”


In summation, things aren’t looking good for Trump at all. Nunberg, for all his bluster and threats, can be forced to testify against his will. According to Napolitano, he can even be immunized against his will and forced to answer the questions for the grand jury.

Either way, not appearing before the grand jury could be a fast track straight to jail for Nunberg. He claims to hate the President; it would be a wonder if he is genuinely willing to go to jail for the man.

The latest word from the AP said that Nunberg now said he will, “probably” appear this Friday in front of the Grand Jury. One thing is assured, this story is far from over.

Feature Image via Crooks & Liars Video.