Katrina Pierson Demands John McCain Respond To Her — Gets Relentlessly Mocked

You remember Katrina Pierson, don’t you? She served as a spokesperson for the 2016 Trump campaign and was known for her propensity for lying when asked a tough question or presented with an embarrassing comment that had been made by Trump.

Pierson faded from view after the election, going to work for a Super PAC supporting the president’s 2020 re-election efforts, but she’s back now and just a clueless as ever.

On Thursday, Pierson took to Twitter and complained that the late Senator John McCain “still refuses to answer questions about his role” in the creation of the Steele dossier, which alleged that Trump had ties to Russia and was being blackmailed for bizarre sexual exploits with Russian prostitutes:

Uh…Katrina, if you’re expecting a response from Senator McCain, you might want to settle in for one hell of a wait.

The link in the tweet is from 2017, but Pierson sent the tweet out on Thursday.

Within minutes, internet mocking began, and some of it was flat-out brilliant. Take a look:

Katrina, do us all a favor and delete your account before you manage to break the entire internet.

Featured Image Via CNN Screenshot