Kellyanne Conway gets hit with massive online backlash for trying to tie Elizabeth Warren to Dayton mass shooting

According to White House adviser Kellyanne Conway, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is to blame for the mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio, that left nine people dead.

Conway went on Fox News Tuesday morning and remarked:

“Let me tell you something. I’m hopping mad this morning because I see very little scant coverage of the fact that the Dayton shooter has been confirmed as having a Twitter feed that was supportive of Antifa, that was supportive of Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders.

“Everybody needs to stop preening in front of the cameras. Stop raising money — Elizabeth Warren, I’m talking to you — for Senate candidates off of this, and stand up and work with us.”

Conway doubled on her assertion via Twitter:

But Conway got hit with a massive dose of karma when Sam Stein of the Daily Beast followed-up on the tweet with one of his own:

And then others reminded Conway that the real purpose of her tossing out a red herring that blames others is just an attempt to divert attention from the fact that the El Paso mass shooter quoted her boss almost word for word in his online manifesto:

Nice try, Kellyanne, but no one is buying your BS.

Featured Image Via Fox News