Kellyanne Conway weighs in on the college admissions scandal and immediately regrets it

On Tuesday, the Justice Department announced that several people had been charged for being part of a bribery scheme to get their children admitted to top U.S. colleges such as Yale, USC, and Georgetown as part of the largest college admissions scandal in history.

Among those arrested were actors Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. Huffman was taken into custody at her California home.

While the admissions scandal is a clear case of how privilege and money is used to buy favors, it’s also a tragic reminder that many young students are denied entry into top universities because they cannot afford to compete with their wealthy counterparts.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway decided she’d join the debate, so she went on Twitter and posted this remark:

Be sure and note that Conway didn’t even manage to use proper English in her tasteless attack: “They” should be “they’re.” Makes you wonder if perhaps Kellyanne earned her degree at Trump University.

While it’s certainly fair to criticize the parents who paid the bribe money to get their kids into top schools, is it really necessary to call their children stupid, especially when you consider that Conway works for a man who can barely put a sentence together when he’s asked a question?

Twitter reacted to Conway’s snide remarks by reminding her of her own hypocrisy and suggesting that children are off-limits, no matter what their parents do:

Featured Image Via CBS News