Kellyanne Conway’s husband calls Trump out for lying about his wall being built

Trump concrete wall

President Donald Trump is not building a wall on the southern border as he has repeatedly claimed, and Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway can prove it.

On Saturday, Trump launched an attack on conservative “wacky nut job” Ann Coulter and insisted that “major sections of the wall are being built.”

While Trump did not lie about Coulter being a “nut job,” he certainly lied about his border wall, which he declared a false national emergency in a desperate effort to steal money to fund its construction in violation of Congress’ power of the purse enshrined in the Constitution.

In response to Trump’s tweet, George Conway, an attorney, called out Trump’s lies:

This is a reference to the fact that Trump had a Republican majority in the House and Senate for two years and did not pursue wall funding during that time even though he keeps claiming that there’s a border crisis. If that were true, Trump had every opportunity to get his wall funding during those two years. Only when Democrats took control of the House in 2018 did Trump start claiming that the border is a national emergency.

Conway then took on Trump’s lie in December about signing a contract to get 115 miles of wall built.

And he proved it by pointing out that a Justice Department lawyer admitted in open court that no such contract exists.

Clearly, Trump is lying about the wall, and one wonders if he is actually going to use the billions of dollars he is trying to re-appropriate to actually build it or is he stealing it for himself and his family? This is why Congress has the sole power to appropriate funds. Congress did not vote to fund Trump’s wall. Instead, Congress gave him $1.35 billion to build 55 additional miles of fencing. Trump is a grifter and a conman, and by declaring a national emergency, he is conning Congress and the public to steal billions of dollars that don’t belong to him while claiming that he is using it to build a wall that isn’t being built.

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