Kentucky Governor hurls violent gun rhetoric at Democratic opponent days after mass shooting


Republican Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin learned nothing from the El Paso mass shooting over the weekend, because he just hurled violent gun rhetoric at Democratic opponent Andy Bashear that would make President Donald Trump proud.

On Saturday, a white nationalist terrorist gunned down 22 people because of Trump’s hateful, racist and violent rhetoric towards immigrants. Rather than steer clear of using such rhetoric, Bevin is apparently hoping for a gun nut to attack his political opponent by using gun rhetoric to attack him.

Bashear recently talked about his Baptist religious beliefs, so Bevin whined about it in a Facebook video accusing Bashear of being a hypocrite and a fake Christian for being pro-choice on the issue of abortion.

“I’m responding to an ad in which Andy Beshear claims his views on abortion and his faith is informed by the Baptist traditions of his grandfather and great-grandfather, who he says were Baptist preachers,” Bevin began. “I’m willing to bet they would not have taken money from abortion providers like Andy Beshear does … I think it’s insulting to the Baptist tradition.”

“The question I ask of you is, which side are you on?” Bevin continued. “If you’re a Baptist pastor in Kentucky in 2019, which side are you on? … there’s no middle ground here. This is not a time to hold your powder dry or wait and see what someone else is doing. This is a time to stand up and be accounted for.”

Here’s the video via Facebook:

The phrase “holding one’s power dry” is a firearm term, and it’s very unfortunate that Bevin used such a phrase even as Trump gets ripped for inciting mass shootings.

It should be pointed out that just on Wednesday, Bevin claimed America has a “culture crisis” in response to the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton.

Part of our “culture crisis” is people like Bevin using violent gun rhetoric against their political opponents.

This is the kind of message to right-wing terrorists that could end up getting Bashear targeted and killed. Surely, Bevin is not hoping for that, but his words are unmistakably suggestive and he should take his video down and apologize while making it clear that he does not support any type of violence against anyone, especially his political adversary, who just like millions of Christians across the country support women’s reproductive rights.

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