GOP Congressman Slated As The Keynote Speaker At Event Hosted By ‘Kill The Gays’ Pastor

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Just when it seems like right-wing Republicans can’t get more abhorrent, they always seem to outdo themselves. Such is the case recently with U.S. Congressman Mike Johnson, who is scheduled to deliver the keynote speech at an event that the infamous “Kill the Gays” Pastor Kevin Swanson is hosting.


As reported by Right Wing Watch, Swanson has some reprehensible ideas about homosexuality and those that identify that way. Swanson actually believes that HIV/AIDS is “God’s retribution” for being gay.

He defended Uganda’s kill-the-gays bill, as though it were a good thing to kill someone off because of who they love. Additionally, Swanson warned that “Communist Lesbian Girl Scout cookies,” women’s soccer, and movies like Frozen will turn young girls into lesbians.

He is very much that guy.

Swanson indeed accused gay people of causing devastating flood and hurricanes, as well.

Now he has scheduled a “Swanson’s Family Conference” to help spread his hateful message, all with the help of key members of the Grand Ol’ Party.


Mike Johnson is a freshman U.S. Congressman, a Republican in the state of Louisiana. He is scheduled to give a speech at “Swanson’s Bible Family” Conference scheduled to take place in August.

Johnson’s speech will be titled “The Bible: Equipping the Man of God for Politics and the Culture war.”

Culture war, indeed, Johnson, Culture war indeed.

According to the schedule, as it stands, Johnson currently has ties with two anti-LGBTQ hate groups listed on the Southern Poverty Law Center website: The Alliance Defending Freedom and the Family Research Council.

Johnson used to be a senior attorney and national media spokesman for the Alliance Defending Freedom. That group thinks that we should sterilize transgender individuals and execute gay people. They also believe that “the gays” want to destroy their religion.


The rest of the lineup of speakers reads like a parade of hateful Christians. Radical Christian extremist Ken Ham, Hobby Lobby President Steve Green, and far-right evangelist Ray Comfort are also scheduled to speak at the event.

It used to be that when one went inside a church, they learned about love, understanding, and helping those that are less fortunate. Since it has been quite some time since I was inside of one, however, it is beyond me what in the hell happened.

Today, all that seems to come out of churches is hate and vitriol and the word “war,” which is a sad state of affairs.

Below is a video of Swanson speaking at an event in 2015.

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