Legal experts shame Roger Stone and his lame apology after attack on federal judge


President Donald Trump’s longtime associate Roger Stone viciously attacked the federal judge overseeing his case on Monday, only to file a pathetic apology later the same day, which left legal experts in complete shock.

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is the same judge who oversaw Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s case against Paul Manafort. So, of course, Stone lashed out at her on Instagram by posting her picture next to crosshairs and accused her of being part of a “Deep State” conspiracy against him and Trump.

The post was so offensive and outrageous that Stone removed it and his attorney filed an apology with the court.

“Please inform the Court that the photograph and comment today was improper and should not have been posted,” Stone wrote. I had no intention of disrespecting the Court and humbly apologize to the Court for the transgression.”

Stone also claimed that the crosshairs are subject to “interpretation.”

But that may not be good enough to spare Stone the consequences of attacking and threatening a federal judge.

It’s certainly not good enough as far as legal experts are concerned. Many of them trashed the apology on Twitter and slammed Stone for his behavior:

This intimidation tactic should not be tolerated and the judge needs to throw the book at Stone to deter future transgressions from other Trump associates, including Trump and his family members themselves.

Trump has frequently attacked federal judges in cases against him and it’s the exact playbook Stone is using here. A message must be sent that this kind of behavior is unacceptable and has real consequences.

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