Legal experts torch Barr for refusing to recuse himself from Epstein case


Attorney General Bill Barr has decided not to recuse himself from the Jeffrey Epstein case after all, resulting in legal experts warning that something fishy is afoot.

The Southern District of New York arrested the billionaire pedophile Epstein over the weekend. In the process many powerful men, including President Donald Trump are apparently freaking out about what secrets Epstein could share in exchange for a deal.

Trump must be especially worried since he and Epstein were close friends and both had an affinity for young girls.

Initially, it seemed Barr would recuse himself from this case because of his connections to the first case against Epstein when he was given an unconstitutional deal by federal prosecutors despite the overwhelming evidence and witnesses against him.

That case is now under review, and this current case is a repudiation of it. But it appears Barr might be preparing to tip the scales of justice in Epstein’s favor to benefit Trump as he claims to have spoken to ethics officials and no longer intends to recuse himself, setting the stage for a rigged investigation.

“Bill Barr has consulted with career ethics officials at DOJ and he will not recuse from current Epstein case,” a Department of Justice official announced on Tuesday.

Legal experts were horrified and expressed concern that the fix may be in.

The American people should watch this case closely. Barr could very well interfere to prevent Epstein from talking about Trump, and that could include giving him a very similar deal to the one he received last time around. Barr should have recused himself. Now he’s just setting himself up to be known as defender of pedophiles.

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