Lindsey Graham plans to weaponize Supreme Court to pursue Trump’s conspiracies


Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) openly admitted that he’s trying to weaponize the Supreme Court for President Donald Trump on Thursday, drawing a backlash from legal experts.

Trump has been demanding an investigation into those who began the Russia investigation, taking particular aim at the FISA courts that signed off on the warrants giving the FBI the power to conduct surveillance of his 2016 campaign due to Russian infiltration.

Now Graham is pursuing Trump’s conspiracy claims, and he wants to enlist the Supreme Court in his witch hunt.

According to Bloomberg reporter Steve Dennis, Graham plans to call Supreme Court Justice John Roberts to ask him to conduct an investigation of those courts even though Robert’s role is not to do oversight.

There’s a major problem with Graham’s plan because it’s totally inappropriate because the Supreme Court is supposed to be independent, not used as a weapon to do Trump’s bidding.

In response to Graham, legal experts and journalists familiar with the high court put him in his place.

This is a threat to the independence of the judicial branch and the separation of powers. The courts are not there to do the president’s bidding. They are there to interpret the laws and evidence. That’s why the FISA courts signed off on the warrants, because the FBI had enough evidence and probable cause. That’s how the law works. Just because Trump doesn’t like it doesn’t mean he gets to persecute the judges. And Lindsey Graham should be ashamed of himself for going along with Trump’s scheme.

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