Lindsey Graham Storms Off Fox News Set When Asked About Supreme Court

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) got combative and wound up ripping off his microphone before storming off the set where he was being interviewed by Fox News host Chris Wallace on Sunday.

As part of an interview for the show “Fox News Sunday,” Graham was asked about the fact that Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg missing oral arguments this week for the first time in her career on the high court. Specifically, Wallace asked what Republicans can do to keep future Supreme Court nominations from becoming a “political circus” like the ones for Brett Kavanaugh.

Graham replied:

“Here’s what will happen if there’s a vacancy — there will be a lot of pushback from the left. But my Democrat colleagues felt, when they were in charge, we should confirm judges by a majority vote. They changed the rules to accommodate President Obama, they tried to stack the court, they never thought [Hillary Clinton] would lose.”

After commenting that changing the rules of the Senate would come back to haunt Democrats, Graham then defiantly declared:

“I will urge the president to nominate a qualified conservative. Hopefully that person will get through and I expect it to be along party lines. And this is what happens when you change the rules. This is come back to bite ’em, I predicted it would and we’ll see.

“I’m going to be hellbent to replace [with] a conservative whoever steps down for whatever reason.”

When the Fox host noted that replacing Ginsburg with a conservative justice would “make the Kavanaugh hearings look like a tea party.” That led Graham to snarl:

“They should have thought of that before they changed the rules. They tried to destroy conservative judges, I voted for [Sonia Sotomayor] and [Elena Kagan] understanding what I was getting.

“I am dead set on making sure it’s a conservative nominee. Elections have consequences. The rules of the Senate were changed, not by me! By them! And [Republicans] had to [change the rules] on the Supreme Court because they would not give us anybody and Kavanaugh was a fine man. They tried to destroy him.”

Before the interview ended, Graham also fired off this venomous salvo:

“We don’t need one Democrat to replace a liberal justice and the reason that’s the case is because what [former Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid did.”

Wallace ended the segment by noting:

“Always good to speak with you, sir.”

In response, Graham ripped off his lapel microphone and stormed off the set, leaving Wallace to remark:

“I guess you think it was okay to speak with us.”

Poor Lindsey! He so desperately wants to come across as a tough guy, but he only succeeds in proving what a shallow, angry little man he is.

Featured Image Via YouTube Screenshot