Lou Dobbs Has Online Hissy Fit After Judge Rules In Favor Of CNN’s Jim Acosta

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Timothy Kelly restored the press credentials of CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, saying the administration had violated Acosta’s Fifth Amendment right to due process.

Overall, there was widespread praise for Judge Kelly’s ruling in the media world, including on Fox News, which had filed an amicus brief in support of CNN and Acosta.

But Fox Business host Lou Dobbs was outraged by the decision, posting this on Twitter:

Here’s the thing: Judge Kelly was appointed to the bench by none other than Donald Trump himself and confirmed by a GOP-controlled Senate. So if Dobbs wants to be outraged, why didn’t he direct any of his ire at the president he so fervently worships?

It didn’t take long for social media to light up Dobbs for his idiocy:

Next week, perhaps we can get Lou to weigh in on his real area of expertise: Being a sycophantic cheerleader for every right-wing wannabe dictator on the globe.

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