Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards condemned for signing anti-abortion bill


Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards (D-La) signed away all future Democratic support when he signed a draconian anti-abortion bill into law on Thursday.

The “fetal heartbeat” law bans women from seeking an abortion after six weeks. The bill passed the Republican-controlled state legislature, but rather than veto it, Edwards committed career suicide by signing it instead.

Edwards ran as a pro-life candidate in 2015, but signing such a bill that strips women of their rights as Republicans move to challenge Roe v. Wade in state after state is a cardinal sin that cannot be forgiven, especially since the bill he signed is not supported by science and will result in desperate women risking their own lives by seeking back-alley abortions. Most women don’t even know they are pregnant until after six weeks.

The bill also does not contain any exceptions for rape and incest victims, which means rapists can force their victims to give birth. Edwards’ betrayal of the Democratic Party and women just emboldens Republicans, who have already passed several other draconian anti-abortion laws in other red states.

Needless to say, his fellow Democrats are condemning him.

Edwards has done lots of good in Louisiana, but this one act erases that record because women are being treated as second class citizens and their lives are more at risk now. You either stand for women or you are against them. And Edwards is clearly against them and violated a major platform plank of the Democratic Party. If he’s going to act like a Republican, he might as well put an (R) next to his name.

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