Maxine Waters says she has evidence of yet another crime committed by Donald Trump

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) said Friday evening that it appears there’s evidence that President Donald Trump illegally used his family foundation to avoid paying taxes.

Appearing on “All in With Chris Hayes,” Waters, who serves as chair of the House Financial Services Committee, said she agreed with her colleague, Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA), that it’s time to see the president’s tax returns:

“This president has lied about his tax returns.

“He said they were being audited and because of that he could not share them, but he’s never intended to share his tax returns, because he knows we’re going to find out a lot about him when he does, and the lies he’s been telling.”

And then Waters shared something with Hayes that likely reverberated deep inside the White House:

“What I really want to know is whether or not he performed services that he got paid for, he did not want to pay taxes on them and told people to put the money in the foundation. I believe there’s a lot of evidence on that.

“I’ve even got calls for people close to this information, sharing it with me and it may be information I give to the Ways and Means Committee.”

Whoa! Can you imagine public hearings with witnesses who can verify that Trump tried to avoid taxes by using his so-called “charitable” foundation?

Waters then added:

“Soon we’ll see how to work it, but there’s a lot of information about how it was used or misused.”

The Donald J. Trump Foundation has been suspected of possibly illegal actions for years. In December of last year, the foundation made an agreement with New York to shut down and disperse any remaining funds as part of settlement that will prevent charges being brought by the attorney general of New York.

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