Melissa McCarthy Delivers a Sensational “Life-Saving” PSA

On Thursday night, Melissa McCarthy guest-hosted Jimmy Kimmel Live and delivered the world a gem of a PSA.

She took aim at what she called a very serious issue facing our planet: gravity.

Yep – for years, the government and Hollywood have been working to convince us that gravity is real. McCarthy is fed up and ready to speak out.

“As you know there’s been a lot of talk these days about the environment, our changing climate, and global warming. Some people say it’s real. And then smart people know it’s a ruse invented by the Illuminati.”

McCarthy claimed that her revelation “might just save your life”. Her satirical announcement was a dose of necessary humor in this era of fake news, denial of circumstances, and political assaults on the American public.

“Hi. I’m famous person Melissa McCarthy. And I’d like to talk to you about a subject the mainstream media doesn’t want you to hear about. They say we shouldn’t ask questions. They say it’s settled science. They call people who disagree with them ‘deniers’. Of course, I’m talking about…gravity.”

She calls out Isaac Newton and implies that his theory of gravity is quite literally keeping people down.

“The so-called theory of gravity was conceived by Isaac Newton. That’s right. The guy from the cookies is trying to tell us why we should stay down.”

Upon suggesting that schoolchildren have been convinced that they cannot fly, Jennifer Aniston walks into the door hoping to put a stop to McCarthy’s announcement.

“Who told you gravity is real?” asks McCarthy.

Aniston’s response can also be interpreted as a hit at real-life climate change deniers who genuinely don’t believe the findings of scientists all over the world.

“Pretty much every scientist in the world told me that.”

McCarthy does a proper job twisting reality. It turns out she has an anvil attached to her ankle, and after a physical altercation she supposedly attaches Aniston to a harness and sends her flying into the air.

What is reality, anyway?