Mexico smacks down Trump’s threat to close the border with one important statistic


President Donald Trump’s threats to close the border to force Mexico to enforce stricter immigration laws drew a response from Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard on Twitter Friday.

Earlier in the day, Trump threw a temper tantrum aimed at our southern neighbor and longtime ally by accusing them of making a “fortune” off of the United States and demanded that the Mexican government stop all illegal immigration from Central America to the United States even though it’s not really Mexico’s responsibility to solve our immigration issues:

This isn’t even the first attack on Mexico by Trump. Most recently, he threatened to declare Mexican nationals “terrorists” and threatened to send an army of mercenaries to the border, a move that would be seen as an act of aggression.

The problem with these and Trump’s latest threat is that he risks angering the Mexican government, which has graciously hosted a large population of Americans who call the country home, something Ebrard reminded Trump in a statement.

“Mexico does not act on the basis of threats,” Ebrard said. “We are a great neighbor. (Ask) the million and a half Americans who chose our country as their home, the largest community of (Americans) outside the U.S. For them we are also the best neighbor they could have.”

And that large community of Americans also retain voting rights in the United States, which they could cast against Trump in the 2020 Election.

Furthermore, Trump puts them at risk for retaliation if he follows through on his threat to hurt Mexico because he isn’t getting his way.

Closing the border would also result in economic losses for American businesses and higher prices for American consumers.

Either way you slice it, Trump takes the hit as the American people suffer the consequences of his border closure. Also, didn’t Trump say a wall is all we need to stop illegal immigration? Good to know he’s finally admitting that idea is bullsh*t.

Featured Image: Wikimedia