Michele Bachmann gets endlessly mocked after calling Trump a ‘Godly, Biblical’ president

According to former GOP congresswoman Michele Bachmann (MN), President Donald Trump is the perfect Christian president.

Right Wing Watch posted audio of Bachmann discussing Trump and religion during a recent radio interview, gushing that Trump was so very godly:

“In my lifetime, I have never seen a more biblical president than I have seen in Donald Trump. We will, in all likelihood, never see a more godly, biblical president again in our lifetimes.”

Really, Michele? Never see a more godly, biblical president in our lifetimes? Does the name Jimmy Carter ring any bells, or are you too loopy to know who he is?

As you might expect, Bachmann’s utterly ludicrous comments drew plenty of scorn and derision on social media, where she was mocked and ridiculed for what she’d said:

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