Mike Lee backs himself into a corner while defending Trump on MSNBC


Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) has experienced a lot of backlash recently for continuing to defend President Donald Trump despite the damning conclusions of the Mueller report. On Wednesday, he dug himself an even deeper hole by admitting Trump’s campaign did something wrong.

Lee’s refusal to take the Mueller report seriously has drawn strong criticism from a women’s group in his home state because Trump is still denying that Russia attacked our democratic process in 2016 even though the Mueller report says Trump’s campaign knew about Russia’s interference and did nothing to stop it, even going so far as to use the information Russia hacked.

During an appearance on “Morning Joe,” Lee found himself being grilled by MSNBC reporter Kasie Hunt, who wanted to know if Lee himself would use such information if it were given to his campaign.

“There is no question that the Trump campaign used information the Russians hacked in order to influence our elections,” Hunt said. “Giuliani said that was totally fine, A-okay. Is that okay with you?”

“I’ve never been a presidential campaign manager,” Lee replied. “So it’s difficult for me to say whether for sure I would do that.”

Lee evaded but he couldn’t evade for long as Hunt continued to insist by asking the question in another way.

“Would you use it in a Senate campaign?” she asked.

“I don’t think so,” Lee conceded. “I think if somebody came to me under those circumstances I think I would be inclined to report them to the appropriate government authorities.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

But that’s exactly what Trump and his campaign did not do during the 2016 Election when Russia offered him dirt on Hillary Clinton during a Trump Tower meeting in June of that year.

Instead of reporting the meeting to the FBI, Trump’s campaign took the meeting with representatives of a hostile foreign power.

Clearly, Mike Lee doesn’t think that’s okay, however, he did appear to suggest that it’s okay in presidential campaigns before saying he wouldn’t do it in a Senate campaign.

If Trump were a Democrat, you can bet that Mike Lee and other Republicans would be calling for him to get the electric chair because they’d characterize what he did as treason. But because Trump is a Republican, they have a different standard.

The fact is that Trump and his campaign received help from an enemy nation and did nothing to stop it. That’s why the FBI investigated Trump’s campaign and it’s why Special Counsel Robert Mueller was appointed to oversee the probe. Trump allowed a serious attack on our country to happen and he has repeatedly tried to obstruct the investigation looking into that attack because he benefited from it.

If Mike Lee truly cares about our democracy and the Constitution, he’ll stop defending Trump’s inexcusable conduct.

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