Mike Pence brags about his grandfather’s immigration to the U.S. and immediately regrets it

As it turns out, Vice President Mike Pence is just as willfully clueless as his boss when it comes to the issue of immigration and the fact that migrant children are currently being held at internment camps just because they’re seeking asylum in the United States, which is their legal right to do.

Pence recalled how his grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from Ireland in 1923:

Many on social media called Pence’s tweet “tone-deaf” and reminded him about the deplorable conditions many immigrants are being subjected to right now thanks to the Trump administration’s heartless immigration policy. Children are reportedly being forced to sleep on cold concrete floors without blankets and are also denied basics such as soap and toothbrushes:

Apparently, Mike Pence has forgotten the reason he’s vice president has nothing to do with his grandfather and everything to do with Vladimir Putin. Maybe the Veep needs to move there and leave us alone.

Featured Image Via NBC News