Mitch McConnell accidentally reveals Mueller report is more damaging to Trump than Barr portrayed


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has already gone to extreme lengths to keep the Mueller report hidden from Congress and the American people. Now he has accidentally revealed why.

In a new bombshell article by the Wall Street Journal, McConnell claimed that none of the report should be released because it will leak out.

“Not only this administration but previous administrations have discovered that if they show everything up here, it has a tendency to get out,” he said.

But if the report truly exonerates President Donald Trump, wouldn’t Republicans want the full report to go public?

Because only guilty people want to hide the evidence against them and members of Mueller’s own team have said that the report is more damaging to Trump than Attorney General William Barr’s four-page summary of the 400-page document portrays.

Congress is supposedly going to get a copy of the report, regardless of how many times McConnell blocks resolutions calling for it to be released, but that copy will likely be so heavily redacted that it is rendered worthless and will likely portray Trump as totally innocent.

That makes Barr’s redacted copy unacceptable, which is why the Wall Street Journal also reports that House Democrats are already preparing subpoenas.

Lawmakers have begun making backup plans for obtaining withheld information. House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) has said he would issue subpoenas to obtain the unredacted report and underlying documents, putting Congress on track for a court fight with the Trump administration.

Furthermore, while Congress, nor the American people, have seen the report, it appears Trump and his lawyers have seen it. Rudy Giuliani is currently preparing a rebuttal to it, which begs the question: Why would Trump and his lawyers need to prepare a rebuttal to a report that supposedly exonerates him?

It’s obvious that Trump and his cronies, including McConnell, know that the Mueller report is far more damning to Trump and the Republicans than Barr tried to sell us. And that’s why the full report must be released to Congress and the American people, 75 percent of whom want it released in full.

From the moment Barr released his summary, it’s been clear that he’s been trying to bury the report to protect Trump. And Republicans are at risk if the report is released in full because it will likely show that they’ve been aiding and abetting a criminal in the White House these past two years.

But the longer they try to hide the report, the worse it will get for them and for Trump, because the cover-up is always worse than the crime, and Americans are just not going to tolerate this kind of shady behavior from politicians.

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