Supporter: Roy Moore’s Racism Not An Issue: ‘Slavery Is Not Being Voted On’ (VIDEO)

In addition to being an accused pedophile and serial sexual harasser of young women, Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore has also said some incredibly offensive things about slavery over the years, once declaring that the country would be better off if only the first 10 Amendments to the Constitution existed. The 13th Amendment, it pays to remember, abolished slavery in the United States. The 19th gave women the right to vote.

But hey, Moore may be a racist, but it’s no big deal according to Ed Martin, a conservative who ardently supports both Donald Trump and Roy Moore. Martin said on CNN Monday that Moore’s past statements on both slavery and homosexuality are absolutely copacetic:

“He’s getting elected to the Senate, when he gets to the Senate, he’s going to have to vote on things. Slavery is not being voted on in the Senate, and neither is homosexuality.”

Democratic strategist Angela Rye couldn’t believe what Martin had just said:

“Are you serious?”

Instead of retreating, Martin marched onward with his public display of willful ignorance:

“Let’s be clear, because it’s such a slur against him. What he said was, ‘Families still love each other when they existed… people in bondage.’ When the Jews were in bondage for years, they still loved each other.”

Once again Rye repeated her earlier exclamation of total disgust:

“Are you kidding me? He said America was at its greatest during slavery, when families loved each other!”

To be exact, here’s what Moore said:

“I think it was great at the time when families were united — even though we had slavery. They cared for one another. People were strong in the families. Our families were strong. Our country had a direction.”

Under slavery in the old South, slave families have brutally ripped apart and various family members sold to the highest bidder. This is documented history. So how exactly were families “united” when the could be torn apart on the whim of a slave owner?

Roy Moore and his moronic defenders would love to turn this country back to some of its darkest days. Will they be allowed to by the voters of Alabama?

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